Advanced 3-Day Combat Pack
Recon Butt Pack
Rio Grande (25 L)
3-in-1 Recon Gear Bag
Advanced Tactical Hipster
Compact Modular Hydration Backpack
Advanced Tactical Dump Pouch
General Purpose (GP) Utility Pouch
Multi-Purpose Accessory Pouch
Tri-Fold Recovery System
Tactical Shotgun Ammo Pouch
Tactical Shotgun Ammo Pouch $15.95 ~ $17.95
.308 Modular Pouch
S.A.W. Pouch
S.A.W. Pouch $14.95
Modular Butt Pack
42" Assault Rifle Case
Advanced Rifle Assault Case (36")
Combat Case (36")
Combat Case (36") $124.95 ~ $224.95
Tactical Drag Bag
Tactical Drag Bag $129.95 ~ $179.95
Bullet Belt
Bullet Belt $8.95
Canvas Gun Sling with Keepers
Butt Stock Cheek Rest - Rifle
Butt Stock Cheek Rest - Shotgun
Tactical Pistol Case
Tactical Pistol Case $25.95 ~ $26.95
Dual Tactical Pistol Case
10-Pocket Cartridge Belt
Shotgun Shell Bandolier
Tactical Shotgun Shell Bandolier
Nylon Pistol Belt - Metal Buckle
Nylon Mini Pistol Belt - Metal Buckle
Cotton Pistol Belt
Nylon Pistol Belt - Quick Release Buckle
MA-1 Flight Jacket
MA-1 Flight Jacket $49.95 ~ $59.95
Spando-Flage® Commando Headnet
Beanie Knit Cap
Acrylic Jeep Cap
One Hole Face Mask
Acrylic Three Hole Face Mask
Scorpion GI 4-Color Face Paint Compact ACU/ABU
3-Color GI Style Face Paint Compact
Face Paint Sticks
Camouflage Cream Tube Make-Up Kit
P.E. Tarp - Camouflage
P.E. Tarp - Camouflage $7.95 ~ $58.95
Camouflage Net
Camouflage Net $169.95
Ultra-Lite Camouflage Net
Ultra-Lite Camouflage Net $99.95 ~ $117.95
Sniper Body Veil
Sniper Body Veil $20.95 ~ $22.95
Multi-Filament Polypropylene (MFP) Paraline
Nylon Type III Commercial Paracord - 300'
Nylon Type III Commercial Paracord - 1200'
Duct Tape
Duct Tape $1.95 ~ $7.95
Humvee® 8 x 20mm Monocular
Humvee® 10 x 25mm Compact Binocular
Humvee® 8 x 21mm Compact Binocular
Humvee® 10 x 50mm Wide Angle Standard Binocular
Ka-Bar® US Army Fighting Knife
Ka-Bar® USMC Fighting Knife
Ka-Bar® USMC "Short" Fighting Knife
Ka-Bar® Foliage Green Fighting Knife
Ka-Bar® Black Tanto Fighting Knife
Ka-Bar® Short Fighting Knife
Ka-Bar® Black Fighting Knife
Ka-Bar® Short Tanto Fighting Knife
Marine Combat Knife
Air Force Survival Knife - Black
Air Force Survival Knife - Brown
GI Machete
GI Machete $46.95 ~ $51.95
GI 18" Machete with Sawback Blade
Backwoods Choppers Machete
Machete with Polished Steel Blade
Advanced Hydro Assault Pack
Advanced 36" Assault Weapons Case
Tactical Shotgun Scabbard
Tactical Shotgun Scabbard $29.95 ~ $44.95
AK47 Bayonet with Wire Cutter Scabbard
Rio Grande (45 L)
Advanced Rifle Assault Case (42")
Combat Case (42")
Combat Case (42") $144.95 ~ $202.95
Tactical Duty Pack
Field Operator's Action Pack
Micro Dump/Ammo Pouch
Nylon Braided Paracord - 50' Hank
Nylon Braided Paracord - 100' Hank
First Responder Active Field Pouch
Tactical Assault Rifle Scabbard
"Q-R" Curved Bracelet Buckles
4-Color GI Camouflage Compact Face Paint
Humvee® 10 x 42mm Binoculars
Hydration Carrier Pouch
Dual Combat Case (36")
Dual Combat Case (42")
AR-15/M-16/M-4 Bayonet
AR-15/M-16/M-4 Bayonet $54.95 ~ $62.95
Military Fighting Knife
Military Fighting Knife $22.95 ~ $33.95
Combat Military Knife
Combat Military Knife $15.95 ~ $17.95
Sabercut Para Knife 3.0
Sabercut Para Knife 3.0 $27.95 ~ $30.95
25 Round Shotgun Ammo Pouch
25 Round Shotgun Ammo Pouch $24.95 ~ $35.95
Shadow OPS Tactical Knife
Shadow OPS Tactical Knife $36.95 ~ $40.95
Long M-1 Bayonet With Scabbard
AR-15 Bayonet
AR-15 Bayonet $26.95
Super Stretch Neck Gaitor
Acrylic Cuff Hat
Headband (Acrylic)
Nylon Shock Chord
Nylon Shock Chord $31.95 ~ $47.95
3/8" Poly Pro Utlity Rope
3/8" Poly Pro Utlity Rope $17.95 ~ $33.95
Tactical Shotgun Shell Strips
Tactical Brass Catcher
Generation II Recon Butt Pack
Scorpion 3-Tubes Face Paint Camouflage
Speed Camo – 3 Color Camo Coverage
Camo Cream Stick
3-Color Chameleon Camo Compact